Why Let'sTalkSign?

People with hearing & speech loss are suffering discrimination and isolation because others around them don’t understand sign language. Assistive Technology like Let’sTalkSign platform will help break communication barrier between people with hearing / speech loss and others.

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Why Let'sTalkSign?

What is Let’sTalkSign?

Patented (pending grant) Artificial Intelligence (AI) based platform that enables easy two-way communication between people with hearing / speech impairment who use sign language and others who do not know sign language.

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What is Let’sTalkSign?

What can Let’sTalkSign do?

Converts sign language gestures to text & speech in any language and vice-versa in real-time without requiring Internet and works on any device with a camera, web browser and minimal with processing power (smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop, TV, other devices).

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What can Let’sTalkSign do?

How can Let'sTalkSign be used?

Install from app store or start using on website:

>> Mobiles & Telecom devices – at workplace or anywhere for day-to-day communication
>> TV & Kiosks – at home, public places like railways station, malls, hospitals, etc.

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How can Let'sTalkSign be used?

Want to 'Gesturize' your solution?

Yes, you can now add 'hand gestures' as additional 'user interface' just by adding GesturizeMe framework for your websites, mobile apps, games, business solutions and TV apps

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Want to 'Gesturize' your solution?

What's special?

  • Cutting-edge tech

    Cutting-Edge Tech

    Uses Machine Learning’s Deep Learning technique to interpret sign language(s), reproduce a person’s voice and generate an avatar.
  • Device-agnostic


    App & all the required services work on web interface and hence will work on any device with browser, camera and basic processing & memory power.
  • No additional hardware required

    Needs just a camera

    Any device with basic hardware is enough for the app to work smoothly and change lives of millions of people with hearing & speech impairment.
  • Real-time & blazing fast

    Real-time & blazing fast

    Each sign language gesture interpretation takes less than 150ms on a basic smartphone with minimal configuration.
  • No internet connection required

    Internet not required

    App is packed with all necessary services and doesn't need any services on Cloud. Even for app on website, Internet is not required after it is loaded.
  • Supports offline sign language interpretation

    Offline support

    Interpretation Service on Cloud converts videos with sign language to text & speech and video & audio files to sign language animated videos.
  • Lightweight


    At less than 30MB in size including all the dependent libraries & framework needed, app can work smoothly even on devices with resource constraints.
  • Customizable vocabulary

    Customizable vocabulary

    App's vocabulary can be customized to suit the usage. For example, app can be configured to use 'medical' vocabulary if its used in a hospital.

'Gesturize' your App

Let your users experience the power of ‘gestures’ & ‘sign language’ in your solutions with ‘GesturizeMe’ platform’s easy integration mechanisms.

  • GesturizeMe for websites


    Thought your Chatbot can only ‘talk’? Wondering how best to get your customers to fill feedback forms quickly? Wondering if subtitles in product videos are enough to reach all customers with hearing impairment?
    Connect with us to know the answers and how ‘GesturizeMe Web’ framework can help your website.

    Click here or 'Try GesturizeMe' menu item at the top to try few gestures.
  • GesturizeMe for mobile apps & games

    Mobile apps & Games

    Are your gamers still sedentary? Are you worried that they are not getting enough 'action' with controller devices?
    Give them real ‘action’ with no extra hardware and controls.
    Connect with us to discuss all the gestures you want to indulge your gamers.

    Download React Native based free ‘GesturizeMe Mobile’ framework.
  • GesturizeMe for business solutions

    Business solutions

    Looking for ways to implement ‘inclusivity’ at your workplace and your solutions? Creative brains who can communicate only in sign language are unable to be part of discussions? Even video conferences with hearing & speech impaired team members are not productive?
    Connect with us to explore the possibilities.
  • GesturizeMe for TV apps

    TV App

    Give your users quite and noise-free experience with 'GesturizeMe TV' framework and relieve them from 'talking' (read yelling!) at TV to take control. Want to know how to turn TV into 'action' (read gesture-enabled) packed experience?
    Connect with us to discuss the 'gestures' you want to support.
  • GesturizeMe for other devices

    Other Devices

    Worried about memory constraints on your custom devices and hence delaying 'gesturizing' of your solution?
    Connect with us to explore ‘Gesturize’ possibilities on any custom device your solution is on.

Contact Us

We are all ears to hear from you. Kindly fill in the details and Submit OR Email Connect@LetsTalkSign.org

About us

We at DeepVisionTech.AI are a budding Tech Social Enterprise startup based out of Bangalore, India who specialize in Machine Technology and help enterprises build smart & intelligent solutions. The company was conceptualized in late 2018 and established in mid 2019 with a handful of solutions. These solutions vary in nature and serve across a variety of verticals – from app based two-way sign language interpretation for hearing / speech in Disability sector - to remote sensing based crop identification & health monitoring for Agriculture sector – to providing gestures & signs as new user interface for Games & Entertainment sector – to detecting Diabetic Retinopathy in OCT scans for Healthcare sector.

Our patented computer vision based solutions & techniques will give your business solutions competitive advantage and improve outcome.

Visit us at DeepVisionTech.AI

Early feedback from users

  • " Innovative use of AI to create solution for communication between deaf and hearing community. Much needed "
  • " Thanks for creating such app. I have not seen app like this. Very easy to use on mobile phone wherever I need "
  • " Very useful app. I can learn ISL signs through this app. Will this support IT related signs? "
  • " It will be really helpful in my regular team meetings "
  • " Waiting to see this in real-time in big screen "

Our Associations

  • Noida Deaf Society, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
    Noida Deaf Society, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Enable India, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
    Enable India, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysore, Karnataka, India
    All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysore, Karnataka, India